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Void Imprint Tamper Proof Stickers (Void if Removed)

Void Imprint Tamper Proof Stickers

These tamper proof stickers, when removed leave a residue of the word "VOID". These tamper proof stickers is made of silver polyester (Mylar) and is extremely tear resistant. These warranty labels are an excellent choice for firmly covering seals or screw holes on electronic items and office equipment.

The size of this label is 1-1/2” x 1/2”

We can accept credit cards over the phone or fulfill orders through Purchase Orders. Call us at (512) 524-6758 for more information.

Void Imprint Stickers (Void if Removed)

Order Standard Void Imprint Tamper Proof Stickers

Our Standard warranty stickers come printed with 'Warranty Void if Removed'.

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500 $55  
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1,000 $95 Save 4%
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5,000 $450 Save 18%
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Void Imprint Labels (Void if Removed)

Order Custom Void Imprint Tamper Proof Stickers

Our custom warranty sticker prices include your choice of custom text, bar code, or serial number. If you place an order for custom labels and this is your first order we will call you to get the specifics of your order. We will send you a proof before fulfilling the order to ensure that your custom warranty label is correct.

Quantity Price    
500 $95  
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1,000 $135 Save 28%
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5,000 $490 Save 48%
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are these labels made of?

The silver void imprint labels are made of a tear resistant mylar polyester. These warranty void labels are perfect for covering seals or screw holes on electronic products and equipment.

Do you offer other sizes?

Yes, we are able to order additional sizes for special warranty label order. However, we have to order a complete roll and will have a minimum order size based on the number of labels in that roll. The number of void imprint labels per roll vary based on the size of the warranty labels. Call us at 512-524-6758 and we can get you a quote.

Why is there such a big discount on larger orders?

Regardless of the warranty label order size there is a set amount of time to spool up the warranty labels and calibrate the printer. Larger orders are discounted for this reason.

Can I get some sample "void if removed" warranty labels?

Yes, we do offer sample "void if removed" warranty labels. We also offer samples of our Destructible Vinyl Stickers.

How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping of our warranty labels within the continental United States using USPS First Class Mail. If you would prefer to ship your tamper proof Stickers using your company's FedEx or UPS account we can do that as well. If you need faster shipping let us know and we can ship faster for an additional charge.

How quickly are label orders printed?

In most cases we can print and ship the same day that you order your warranty tamper proof stickers. For larger orders, or orders placed late in the day, we might not be able to ship until the following day.