Custom Destructible Vinyl Stickers - Void if Removed

Warranty Stickers Printed in the USA! Warranty Labels Printed in the USA!

Destructible Vinyl Stickers

White Destructible Vinyl Stickers

Once applied, any attempt to remove these tamper evident stickers will result in it being destroyed. These labels are made from a very thin white vinyl and is very flexible. These labels can be used on irregular shaped surfaces and are perfect for use on small items.

The size of this label is 1-1/4” x 3/8”

We can accept credit cards over the phone or fulfill orders through Purchase Orders. Call us at (512) 524-6758 for more information.

Destructible Vinyl Stickers

Order Standard Destructible Vinyl Stickers

Our Standard warranty labels come printed with 'Warranty Void if Removed'. The only customization available for these labels is printing with sequential numbering (no additional charge).

Quantity Price    
500 $55  
1,000 $95 Save 4%
5,000 $450 Save 18%
Custom Destructible Vinyl Stickers

Order Custom Destructible Vinyl Stickers

These prices include bar codes, serial numbers, or any other customization we offer. If you place an order for custom labels and this is your first order we will call you to get the specifics of your order. We will send you a proof before fulfilling the order to ensure that your custom warranty label is correct.

Quantity Price    
500 $95  
1,000 $135 Save 28%
5,000 $490 Save 48%